wistfully mystical

I wistfully refuse to believe that LIFE is nothing more than a meaningless string of random events propagated by cynicism and rote science or religion that takes us to our inevitable and interminable deaths.

I believe there is magic behind everything we do and touch and see.  Each interaction and encounter is mystically ordained by a higher power- a divine energy that has our greater purpose in mind at all times.  Now how can that be balanced…How can I be, both, a flawed, foul-mouthed, liquor-loving, cigarette-smoking, cynical sexaholic and still carry this overwhelming desire to be closer to the divine?

I know there is a dualistic nature to life and I realize that meditation grounds you to the here and now and somehow breaks all ties to the past or the future— so the small pocket of NOW becomes all that there is and will be and has ever been, but how does one emotionally come to terms with the mystical without having some reverence for it?  Or can I still be a foul mouthed alcoholic and still want to be closer to The all knowing energy source that resides within and connects us to every living thing on this earth?

I don’t know…?   Your thoughts…?


I’ve read books that have changed my life—

The Tibetan Books of Living and Dying

Many Lives Many Masters

The Psychic Pathways

The Elegant Universe

God is a Verb

Everyday Khabbalah

Tree of Life

I Ching

The Power of Now

The Artists Way

The 7 Healing Chakras

Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Deepak Chopra, Rabbi Cohen, Elizabeth Hay…blah blah blah…

it all excites me and helps to form my own personal spiritual practice, but do I need a teacher? 

a guru?

~ by Timbre on April 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “wistfully mystical”

  1. When I am asked, “How are you?” I always answer “Perfect!” As you can imagine the sense of the egocentric kicks in with their response…and I follow up my first response with “…It’s only what I think myself to be that seems to screw me up!”

    I sense every body will eventually discover their Self to be some one part of The One (God’s) great moment…Life. In that discovery, which will come in drips and drops, of our finally ridding ourselves of the illusion that we are foul mouthed cigar smoking alcoholics we will realize what truly is The Final Judgement (TFJ).

    TFJ is simply our finally realizing or re-cognizing (knowing again) the perfection in which we bathed while we thought our Self to be foul mouthed idiots, sinners, infidels, and obese.

    Author of IM with God

  2. I just arrived here on WordPress. Good to see some nice writing on a topic I am familiar with. I think a foul mouthed ‘lover of alcohol’ is closer to god than you think. I mean besides most catholics being alcoholics, those of us in some kind of spiritual funk seem to turn to alcohol mostly because it helps us to not give a shit that all this ‘progress’ in society seems to be towards not much more than it’s self-destruction. Is society building towards making Earth a haven for the gods? Fuck it, I will blog on this topic in the future.

  3. Try The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    That one rocks the soul baby

  4. You don’t need to change jack-shit. I would say there is one caveat though – how you treat others will affect your balance hardcore. We emanate outwards and project energy (positive or negative) into the universe. When enough cats can get it together a critical mass form. You are light years ahead of me on the reading tip.

  5. AnglhugnU2- I absolutely agree…That’s a great perspective to have. Sometimes-most times we do forget.

    Tum- Thanks for the support. Sometimes all you want to say is fuck it…kind of an interesting question, I want to hear more…

    Kevin- Well. Geez, the profundities that pop from your ever-loving bosom is astounding! Keep it heaving and thank you, my lad, for your constant readership…kisses!

    Johnny P- Word. I agree the only rub is ones treatment of others it can affect one’s own quality of life…plus positive or negative outward projection ultimately has an affect on one’s personal perspective. It all starts with one’s own state of mind—the world becomes beautiful or dark and scary depending on how you feel it is.

    Its like that line in Jacob’s Ladder-and I will surely screw it up–

    If you’re frightened of dyin’ and you’re holding on…
    You’ll see devils tearing your life away.
    But…if you’ve made your peace,
    Then the devils are really angels
    Freeing you from the earth…

    It’s a beautiful thought, no? It’s all a matter of choice, dawg.

    Ruff Ruff.

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