the end of mr. Y

I finished a book so good, in fact, it took me two days to read it with the occasional breaks for sleep food and toilet.


 The End of Mr. Y.”


Firstly- I am and probably will forever be ridiculously FASCINATED by cosmology, quantum theory, basic physics, superstring theory, the big bang and basic origins of “life” and all of the crazy theories and philosophies involved with these subjects.  Of course, not all that mathy stuff that comes with it but…the mere brain warping intensity of such fiendishly delicious information makes me salivate at the thought of ensconcing myself in all of its meandering complexities and cyclical riddles.   It is like reading about Kabbalism for the first time or reading a Japanese Koan.


Secondly-I will never truly understand or even marginally retain the very things that keep me reading more and more in the voracious manner that I do, but something is so elegant about its basic and fundamental roots it beckons the diligent empiricist in me.  I guess cosmology, mysticism, psychology, space the universe intrigues me because it feeds the need in me to be connected to something bigger than me and maybe even me in the simplest translation of the word or conversely the most complex translation of the word.


Thirdly- I JUST LOVE IT and am highly addicted to anything that involves Heidigger or Bohr or wave particles, atoms, sub atomic structure, yes Einstein and Stephen Hawking make me cream in my jeans……every time I open some book that discusses the mathematical equations to solve some convoluted theory having to do with repelling particles or black holes or wormholes…just get my ever loving wheels turning.  The only way I can imagine wrapping my brain around these theories is by equating it to humans and human behavior and when reading about sub-atomic structure and how particles interact as a wave structure…I can only think about humans and the soul and how they may interact with one another.  The soul is an enigmatic structure that cannot be proven, though, we somehow know it exists.  It is there with us observing this world alongside us.  Sometimes the thought takes me to love and how that somehow ties in with our humanity as well as our energy—how that energy can be translated into the universe as potentiality and how that potentiality can manifest into reality…


When I read Kabbalah for the first time, back in 1996 or so , it only got me more excited about cosmology and numerics and astrology and mysticism, I even bought a book on the origins of mathematics—and I swear— it didn’t suck!


There was something magical about Kabbalah.  The mere expression of

words on paper forming the most basic principles and beautiful philosophies actually opened doors in my brain that shifted thought in such a ridiculously profound way that the way that I viewed the world had irrevocably changed.  Words, letters in their untainted form coupled with sentences and paragraphs build into an invisible wisdom that ignited a fire deep inside the consciousness—where the mystical begins to unlock and re-kindle from within and remind me that we are all connected…not only to the very things that created and started life but it is still within.


We are living in a cosmic universe and a cosmic universe is living in us….


The mind boggles at the beauty of this fascinating thought, that we are the past the future and the present simultaneously.  Things begin to resonate as if some ancient secret is being charged and unhinged and there is this furtive key to the universe and all of It’s wisdom.  Wisdom that we hold inside, some may break into it’s lake of amazing knowledge some may never even scratch the surface, most will never even feel it’s presence, but it’s there to be had like the apple from the tree of life.


Anyway the book The End of Mr. Y really is much more than all that and isn’t as technical as I may be suggesting.


 It is about a young English grad student who reads a book that is cursed—if you read it you will die.  She essentially learns the secret to the Universe, well a universe… and begins the philosophical trip of a lifetime.  Dual dimensions, time travel,  remote viewing, theological debates, experiments of the mind, love and some risqué bondage all come together to render a rich and unflinching tapestry of the post-modern world that we live in with a foul-mouthed, Slivovitz swilling post-modern feminist as the impenetrable hero of a well thought out fascinating fiction!


If you’re into that kind of stuff, I highly recommend it.

~ by Timbre on May 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “the end of mr. Y”

  1. Sounds like a great book and I loved your intro. I been getting heavy into hidden knowledge as well. I am reading “Jesus and the Lost Goddess” at the moment. It centers on the Gnostics and their interpretation of the Jesus mythology which they adapted from Pythagoras and Plato’s view on the mystery, consciousness, and the psyche. Word em’ up!

  2. It’s a fun read, it gets a bit girly and throws itself away at the end, but the ideas are cool. Alot of Derrida.

    I’m going to check this out,“Jesus and the Lost Goddess” actually. Good Looking out JP!

  3. Oh yeah, I’m into that stuff, too. And I’m always on the lookout for a good book. I’ve been reading a book every two days the last couple weeks.

    Also into finding out more about the Gnostics. Was researching the Book of Mary last week. Very interesting….

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