notes on the ride home

I looked out the window, finally the warmth has come. People are everywhere. My thoughts were strangely positive and full of joy. I am still reeling from the Cancer diagnosis of the love of my life, my 5 year old Scottish Terrier, Shadow, yet my heart fell on softer images today that made me remember what ruminating on the prospect of death and dying may be for…appreciating the good and the beauty.

Two friends have graduated today, which should be a happy occasion, but I just can’t bring myself to attend. I feel absolutely lousy about my feeble attempts to maintain and nurture my friendships and other relationships.

I hate that I don’t have good listeners in my life. Is that because I am not one myself?

bad day. beautiful day, I might take a vicodin for the sheer enjoyment of closing my eyes and shutting the world off for a moment…

go figure.

~ by Timbre on July 23, 2008.

One Response to “notes on the ride home”

  1. sorry to hear

    -keep safe

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