food. glorious food.

Okay those of you who know me know that Anthony Bourdain will be mine.  That aside, I want to tell you about a new vegetable I discovered.  Interesting, right?  Totally…recently I placed an ad on Craigslist, after being brutally dismissed by my ex.  I was looking for a fun-loving, tall, intelligent, happy, tall, clean cut guy who knew how to spell…If I find the copy of the ad I’ll post it—needless to say the pickings were slim, but I was…shall we say…in a real bad way, one of those nesting hormonal fluctuations that could burn the retina’s of most who looked too long into my ravenous and lascivious light.  I’m a Leo, but every inch of me stank of Scorpio for a good 6 weeks.  The ones that know—know what I speak of.  Anyway, I met three perfectly decent gentlemen, maybe I’ll write about them a little later.  One of which tried courting me through food.

On our 4th date, he made me Coq au vin, with roasted tomatoes and braised ENDIVE. And I’m sorry kids its pronounced On-Deeve, whatever it was scrumptious.


I don’t know if it was my new found horny or if I was just really hungry but this ENDIVE was the proverbial shit!  I have been dreaming of that dish for over a month now.


I think he may have over cooked it, because it was burned a bit on the top because of that caramelized and sweeter than I expected, seeing as ENDIVE is a bitter vegetable belonging to the daisy family, according to wikipedia.  Anyway it was sheer heaven, a very mild, nutty- probably from the caramelization- light flavor that I cannot quite explain.  Either way-FABULOUS.  Here’s a quick variation on a recipe from Julia herself.


Endives Braisees A La Flamande– {Endive braised in butter}


12 Endive washed and trimmed

Casserole dish with cover

½ cup of water

1 TB lemon juice

4 TB butter

Waxed paper

Salt to taste- I prefer kosher or sea


Preheat oven to 325


Arrange endive in casserole, add salt, lemon and butter, spread wax paper over top, cover dish and boil on stovetop for 20 minutes or until liquid has reduced ½ way.  Bake for 1 ½ hours—UGH, I know, but it’s worth it- until color has turned a pale golden color, and all liquid has evaporated.  WaLa!  ENJOY!



By the by, the “date” LIED and told me he didn’t use any butter in the dish…BULLSHIT!  He used butter in every dish he made me…another story for another day.


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