bare cupboards

As the ever unfabulous gal that I am, I am never without a good truffle oil, nice chevre, or sachet of fine herbs.  Maybe that is why I am still so unfabulous, my grocery budget is depleted with some of the more expensive items at the store.

Doesn’t have to be so expensive, however.

My cupboards are a bit bare-I am a foolish shopper, admittedly.  I bought 2 Endive pods, 2 Paul Newman’s Spaghetti sauce, 2 pks. Whole wheat cappellinni   Goat cheese and an onion.  Oh and a bag of baby spinach.

I just made a great meal that should last a couple of days.


I’ll call it:  Spaghetinni ala Capra y basilico.  Or if you want a semi-translation cappellini dell’olio del tartufo del formaggio della capra e del basilico.

I used to work at a Northern Itallian Restaurant.  Who by the way are doing FABULOUSLY!  Pane Caldo, i’ll write about them later.

whole wheat spaghetti

2 TB of goat cheese

1 cup Spaghetti sauce

Chiffonade of baby spinach and basil

splash of truffle oil

Kind of self explanatory and since I’m drooling on the console I will finish this post a bit later.

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